Creating and distributing remarkable content for PR and Marketing purposes

Decision making today has become increasingly dependent on the amount of available information. A prospective customer will browse the web and industry news feeds to carry out in-depth research about your company and product or service before making any contact. The quality of the available information will help your customers and prospects to make informed decisions about your product or service. In fact, the content will often be the deciding factor on whether or not your company is worth approaching or not.

At Xpresso Communications, we work with you to develop a well thought-out, strategic content strategy, to increase awareness, create credibility and build brands, while delivering high quality, value-added information to those that matter.

Our content distribution combines the traditional outreach to trade magazines with digital content dissemination.

We have all the tools and skills necessary to make sure your content is widely distributed across the right channels and easily available for your customers and prospects to read.

Below is a non-exhaustive list of some of the content that we write for our customers:


Content and strategies to enhance your digital profile

Xpresso Communications has many years’ experience in creating successful digital marketing plans and campaigns. We implement the latest digital marketing techniques to enhance our customers’ reputations online.

It is extremely important to create a digital plan from the outset that can be measured against your company’s goals and objectives, whether it is to generate qualified leads or to build brand/product awareness.

The key to success is in finding where your audience is most active, rather than sporadically posting updates on every available online platform. Once the most effective digital mediums have been identified, we will then create a well-defined digital campaign and editorial calendar that can be tracked on an on-going basis.

At Xpresso Communications we realise that while online tools allow us to reach a broad audience quickly, we must not overlook the benefits of traditional marketing tactics. That is why we place a huge importance on working towards and developing a fully integrated plan and campaign to deliver maximum results. This proactive and integrated approach will position your company and brand both online and offline, generating awareness and driving new opportunities for sales.

Some of our Digital Marketing services include:


We employ both the emotional and the rational appeal to influence the audiences

Influencer Relations is all about building and maintaining two-way human relationships that are founded on mutual trust and respect. Our founding principles place people and relationships at the heart of everything we do, and thanks to our human connections, we fully understand both the people and the influence.

The advent of social media has changed the world of public and influencer relations, far beyond traditional media and stakeholder relations. Those who do not embrace and connect with online influencers miss huge opportunities to build brand awareness and share their voice and message. Today, many connections are primarily made online and the key to success lies in moving these virtual connections offline to in-person relationships.

At Xpresso Communications we already hold the relationships with the people that matter for your business: international and Trade Press, Industry Associations, bloggers and digital outlets. We are also highly skilled in helping you become an influencer by conceiving and sharing high quality opinion pieces and compelling content that brings value to – and engages with – your key audience.

Our Influencer Relations programme includes:

  • PR Strategy
  • PR Campaign
  • Trade Shows Campaign
  • Media Relations (including pitching and interviews)
  • Corporate Reputation (building credibility with key stakeholders: customers, partners, industry associations and employees)
  • International PR distribution
  • Social Media strategies and content distribution
  • Online PR (including social media, SEO, blog)

When Public Relations  (promoting the company) and Marketing (selling the company) are integrated the most extraordinary results are achieved

Content and key marketing messages are fundamental in any kind of communications campaign. At Xpresso Communications, we will create and tailor the appropriate mix of communications to ensure that the right audience hears your message clearly and consistently. Furthermore, the informative content created for promotional purposes (case studies, technology application articles, opinion pieces) can be repurposed to provide valuable materials for sales & business development to use when pitching.

Today, people are inundated with content and marketing messages that are thrown at them from every angle and it can be hard for a business to be heard in the crowd. In a world where anyone is a communicator and publisher, people are selectively choosing the information they care about and want to engage with and explore further. People don’t want to receive random newsletters and brochures in their inbox and are increasingly black-listing communications that hold no value to them.

At Xpresso Communications, we will advise and help you in producing and distributing content that your audience actually cares about and is likely to respond to, and that will help you build a conversation and engagement around your business, product or service. In addition to PR we’re skilled practitioners in digital marketing, collateral development, advertising, direct marketing, event management, customer surveys and internal communications. We can integrate the full mix of services or simply manage one element, depending on your requirements and goals.

The benefit of our integrated approach is that we maintain brand consistency throughout all of your marketing communications (offline, website design and social) and deliver a greater return on investment.

Some of the marketing communications services we offer include:

  • Strategy Planning
  • Key message development
  • Case studies
  • Collateral development
  • Event management
  • Advertising
  • E-mail Marketing

How to Increase Traffic to Your Tradeshow Booth

Tradeshows are a very stressful time for marketing departments and can put a huge strain on your team. If you have an exhibit booth presence, there are 101 things to do and many checklists to tick! To make sure that you get the return on investment from your tradeshow presence, Xpresso Communications can help build awareness before, during, and after the event. We can get your show communication flowing and help drive traffic to your booth.

Some of the services that we offer our clients include:

  • Targeted show PRs and email marketing
  • Product announcements
  • Press conferences
  • One-to-one Press meetings with key editors (facilitating them and follow-up)
  • Speaking opportunities
  • Awards entries related to shows
  • Lead generation support

We’re flexible! Choose a one-off project or more

We have seen a growth in the demand for extra services aiming to educate, improve internal and external communications, and to fill the gaps in carrying out urgent projects and in managing social media accounts.

  • Website Development & Creation
  • Communications Training
  • Ad-hoc editing/writing
  • Social media management
  • Social Media Training
  • Building digital profiles on several platforms