Vimond Will Showcase Enhanced Monetization, Rights Management and Storytelling Tools at IBC 2017

July 10, 2017


2017 IBC Show

VIMOND Media Solutions

Booth 14.L30



BERGEN, Norway 10 July, 2017


“Vimond is excited to be in Amsterdam for IBC 2017. Broadcast is going through some fundamental changes, and IBC is an excellent arena to encounter new technologies and meet industry experts. For those who work smart and efficiently the possibilities are endless. We have played a crucial part in driving change for years ―TV is in our DNA ― and that is now being recognized globally. At IBC we will exhibit why we are a preferred industry partner and our team will demonstrate how our new offerings and refinements on existing tools are changing the industry for the better.” – Andreas Helland, CCO Vimond Media Solutions



New Products for the 2017 IBC Show


Vimond Monetization


Vimond Monetization, our subscription manager, will be showcased at IBC with a fresh new interface and user-friendly workflow. This tool makes it easy to link content, pricing and payment. This powerful business application can also organise your subscription plans, map them to associated content, and manage end-user payment. Product managers can set the pricing, duration and availability of plans, manage subscriptions, renewals and vouchers. Then they can rely on our flexible payment integrations for authentication and payment.


Vimond Rights Manager


At IBC we will be demonstrating the new release including the ability to create custom groups, simplified rights management across regions, and an improved content synchronization workflow that enables easy updating of publishing information in the catalog from the Rights Manager module.

Vimond Rights Manager makes managing your content rights efficient and uncomplicated. Contract managers, publishers and content managers now have an easy-to-use way to track complete content lifecycles. With Vimond Rights Manager, you can define your contracts and regions; trigger the creation of associated assets in Content Manager and ingest videos; and share contract data via export or the API. Our integrated workflow saves time and minimizes duplication and errors.


Vimond IO


Vimond IO is a revolutionary cloud-based storytelling application, especially made to meet the new demands of video production. Use IO to quickly produce high quality, frame-accurate video stories, at any time, from any location, together. Vimond IO is a fully-featured, browser-based video editor that saves you time and streamlines your workflow.

The recent enhancements that we will be showcasing at IBC, include support for extra-long video clips, the ability to use template-based overlay graphics, support for EIA-608 and CEA-708 closed captions, and support for SCTE-35 markers.


On display at IBC 2017



Vimond’s modular online video platform can be customised to fit the requirements and workflows of each customer. We offer a core platform, plus a range of optional modules, which enables a multitude of possible configurations and easy integration points.


The products that form the foundation of the Vimond platform are Vimond Control Center, Content Manager, Orchestrator and the Content Delivery APIs. This configuration includes an interface to administer the platform and manage video assets and metadata, a workflow engine to process the video, and client-facing APIs, which allow end-user applications to search and fetch metadata.


Our other modules (Rights Manager, Content Curator, Live Channel Planner, Monetization, Insights, and Player Features) can be added to the package as part of a personalized solution to fit the specific needs of broadcasters, telcos and content owners.



Vimond Media Solutions has developed innovative, cloud-based storytelling tools for the new world of television. Our set of products for online video storytelling was developed closely with editors and broadcasters, based on careful research of their needs.


Further information on Vimond Media Solutions and its products is available at

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