Bridge Technologies Appoints Mediatech as Hong Kong, Macau Representative

July 31, 2017

New business partner brings extensive expertise, experience


OSLO, Norway — 31st July, 2017


Bridge Technologies has appointed Mediatech as its representative in Hong Kong and Macau.


Founded in 1993 and headquartered in Hong Kong, professional video engineering consultancy and solutions provider Mediatech has established itself as one of the most experienced and versatile businesses in the broadcast and ICT industries. Mediatech’s customers in Hong Kong and the surrounding regions include TV broadcasters, cable operators, telecom service providers, post-production facilities, corporations, and universities.

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“We’re delighted that Mediatech will be representing the full range of Bridge Technology products, bringing real depth of knowledge and experience in system sales,” said James Chance, Regional Manager, APAC at Bridge Technologies. “From a technical point of view, Hong Kong has always been a first mover investor in technology infrastructure – boasting one of the first and largest IPTV deployments. It is a global leader in digital video entertainment, with a large and vibrant local content producing industry, and is a regional distribution hub for international content.”


“Hong Kong has a highly developed consumer market, and subscribers are very quality conscious,” continued Chance. “That means that every video streaming provider will require quality control and monitoring if they want to ensure optimum customer satisfaction and maintain or grow their business. It’s that ability to enable fast, intuitive understanding of what’s going on in their network and maximize quality of experience that Bridge Technologies and Mediatech will bring.”


“We constantly study trends in technologies, products, systems and applications in order to ensure that we can curate a solution that precisely meets our clients’ expectations, not only in terms of functionality and performance, but also in terms of CapEx and OpEx,” said Raymond Mo, Director of Sales and Marketing at Mediatech. “The market in this region is very sophisticated, and workflows are different from those in western countries – and workflow varies from client to client. The implication of that is that we needed a broad, flexible range of media monitoring and analysis solutions to help our customers optimize network performance – and Bridge Technologies has that range. We are excited about making our partnership with Bridge Technologies a significant success.”



More information about Bridge Technologies and its products is available at or by phone at +47 22 38 51 00.


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