The future of monitoring IP is bright!

Sep 23 2017

Simon K. Frostad, Chairman of Bridge Technologies, explains the importance of understanding packet behaviorisms in traditional media, and more significantly over IP,…

IBC2017 reports record visitors

Sep 21 2017

IBC2017 has revealed record-breaking attendance figures for its 50th anniversary conference. Over the six-day event from 14th-19th September, 57,699 people visited the…

Welcome to the world of machine learning and deep-neural networks.

Sep 06 2017

Facebook automatically finds and tags friends in your photos. Google Deepmind’s AlphaGo computer program trounced champions at the ancient game of Go…

The Future with Robots that Are Like Us at IBCShow

Sep 04 2017

We look forward to joining this fascinating session at IBCShow to experience what the future will look like when humanoid, intelligent and engaging…

Chartres.Live, une chaîne de TV locale en IP de bout en bout

Sep 03 2017

Chartres.Live est une TV locale originale à plus d’un titre. Lancée et exploitée par l’opérateur local de télécommunications CM’IN, elle diffuse ses…

We’ll be three of the 55,000 professionals at IBC 2017

Sep 01 2017

Denise, Tom and I  are all set for another IBC Show! We’ll be three of the 55,000 professionals who attend IBC each year.…

Facebook accelerates video offer with Watch for TV shows

Aug 11 2017

Michelle Clancy  11 August 2017 In what may be a turning point for the online video industry, social media giant Facebook is…

It’s IBC Communications time

Aug 10 2017

It’s IBC PR and Marketing time! We started in June in order to meet the IBC Daily deadlines and still working on a few more announcements.…

Millennials Discuss Attracting Young Talent to Satellite

Aug 07 2017

Not that long ago, the space industry was seen as a bit of a dinosaur, a relic from a bygone age. But…

Quote of the Day about IP by Simen K. Frostad

Aug 02 2017

  IP is the track on which the broadcast industry will achieve interoperability. by Simen K. Frostad, Chairman of Bridge Technologies